Thursday 6 August 2015

#SayThanks the HT way

A sweet story, first

One day, not so long ago, a girl called Shrishti wrote a letter to Hindustan Times. Shrishti had topped Class 12th! Brilliant, isn’t it? But do you too wonder what made her write to HT? Well, a sweet little wish, straight from the heart. 

Shrishti wanted to be featured in the newspaper. She wanted to be featured so that her family could feel proud of her, on witnessing an acknowledgement of her hard-work and success in the hands of hordes of readers.

HT’s heart was not just touched, but it melted. Shrishti made headlines! HT went ahead and created a personalized first page in the newspaper for her and topped it with a grand helicopter ride for her to soar above the city, much like how she had soared above the rest in her class 12th! 

A bigger, better surprise is what Shrishti got. Team HT made a video to capture the emotional ride she and her family took through this experience. There is another thing that HT did to universalize her success story with extra gallons of positivity …

Watch this beautiful video.

#SayThanks Campaign

HT decided to use Shrishti’s video to #SayThanks to its readers for their loyalty and support, and for the part they played in HT’s success. Like one Thank You triggering another, and hopefully inspiring many more.

In times as busy and fast as ours, how easy it is to forget to notice the people who encourage and motivate us, every day, to do better. And make us strive harder and do better. With this idea at its core, HT aims to create an environment of social positivity by making its readers acknowledge and thank the people who do make a difference to their lives. 

A meaningful and heart-warming campaign!


  1. That's the reason I prefer HT to ToI nowadays. It's heart warming on their part to be part of Shrishti's success. Still hope of true journalism where business seems to take control of the whole thing.


    1. I liked the idea behind this campaign too, Vishal.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Everyone beginner writer wants to be featured in the newspaper. I started from posting my articles and writing tips on the pages of writing services, then I blogged and after these all my essays was published in real magazines. Well done, Shrishti! I'm sure everything will be ok with your career!


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