Writing Services


I undertake writing assignments in the following beats (among others):
- Opinion 
- Humour
- Parenting
- Social Issues
- Literature/Art
- Creative Writing/Short Stories

I am open to writing assignments as specific commissions, periodical/regular columns or other flexible arrangements.


Book Reviews

I provide commissioned review services for books as an independent book reviewer. All genres are welcome.

Why me?

With an academic background in English Literature I have been exposed to writings from across the world, been a part of multiple literary societies and discussions and earned accolades for my papers/critiques. I have been an in-house book reviewer with the 'Hindustan Times' with my own column in a supplement. I feel I approach books as an evolved reader and enjoy understanding not just the books but the minds behind the books too.

My reviews

My reviews are written for prospective readers of the books as well as for their authors. The book reviews are detailed, semi-literary (wherever relevant) and sans any bias or prejudice. I do not star rate books on my blog for I find that form of rating vague and often confusing. The reviews balance the 'good' and the 'bad', are constructive in aim and honest in intent. No populist format of reviewing is followed. The opinion is always my own.

You may visit 'Book Reviews' to read some of them. You can read some testimonials here.


Beta Reading

I beta read manuscripts for writers from the perspective of a reader.

Why me?

I have been a voracious reader and know what works and what does not. I have also been writing for many years now and been printed in various media. I feel qualified to provide the type of feedback necessary to make improvements to a manuscript.

My methodology

I believe in providing constructive criticism about characterisation, dialogue, flow and plot inconsistencies. I give ideas on how to improve the story too. I do not attempt to re-write the book, or try to change the author's voice. 

Copy editing and proof reading are separate from Beta Reading and are charged accordingly.



Email me at nanda[dot]sakshi[at]gmail[dot]com for details.



  1. All the best .. and When I need one I know who to email now :)


  2. Will call you up tomorrow

  3. After writing my first novel, I was not sure whether I had a good or bad product. It was then that I approached you for beta reading. Your comments were very useful. I got an honest assessment of the plusses and minuses of my novel. Now I am going through the pain of rewriting a few sections of the book, but I am enjoying the pain.
    Good to have worked with you.

    1. Hariharan, it was wonderful to read your M/S and work with you. I must say you are most magnanimous when it comes to appreciating feedback - both good and back. Thank you for that and good luck for your work.
      PS - Sorry about the pain. :)


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