Friday 7 August 2015

Tooth Sensitivity and a Sensitive Sister

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I just spent a week with my kid brother in my home town. While I call him my kid brother, knowing he’s some years younger than me, secretly I know he has surpassed me in the department of studious grey cells. He’s a dentist, with a couple of fancy degrees. Dentists. Those guys you and usually avoid, till the drum-beats of tooth ache reach our knees.

While I had no intention of opening my mouth wide before his poring eyes, knowing how I bullied him as a younger sib and fearing he may want to take it out on my teeth, I couldn’t help it this time. I felt that shudder over our favourite vanilla ice cream and mango one evening post-dinner. He noticed. (And I swear I saw an evil smile on his face right then.) The next day, with a glass of iced tea in hand, he approached me. Same evil smile in place. Yes, I had been caught red-handed with my tooth sensitivity. And this time I had to refuse my favourite drink only to go ‘aaa’ before his bespectacled gaze.

A short and not-so-sweet conversation about tooth sensitivity ensued…

I always knew you as hyper. Didn’t know it translated into you brushing with so much gusto. Do you use a very hard brush and brush with too much force? he asked. I had little choice but to be honest. Because leg-pulling apart, I was saving some money by ‘consulting’ my brother in the comfort of my childhood home.

Oh please, I retorted with an incredulous expression.

Then it’s probably because you don’t know how to brush. Plaque build-up can cause tooth sensitivity, you know.

I’ve been brushing a good three years longer than you so don’t try to act smart, okay? I was already questioning why I agreed to this “check-up” when … 

Hm, then it must be all the teeth you ground at me when we were little. You see, tooth-grinders wear out their enamel which leads to tooth sensitivity. Some even do it in their sleep. You need a mouth guard to stop it. It may help in keeping you from talking too much too!

I don’t grind my teeth, thank you! Is this all that you’re capable of? Not very professional of you, really. I was confused if he meant what he said or was inventing causes for tooth sensitivity.

Finally, perhaps because my expressions reminded him of those times I play-punched him and won pillow-fights, he chucked the smart-ones and gave me the deal straight. I, in turn, lowered the magnitude of my own touchiness to hear him out. 

I was told how, apart from the above mentioned reasons, tooth sensitivity can be caused by using teeth-whitening pastes. Special desensitizing toothpastes like Sensodyne should be used in case of tooth sensitivity.  

Oh, and before I forget, said he, eat less! I mean acidic foods. Use your common sense and stick to foods which don’t cause shuddery moments. Which is to say, the left-over vanilla ice-cream is all mine!
And I saw that evil smile, yet again, just before I delivered a mock-punch. After all, going home means reliving childhood memories to the t, no? 

But the test of patience made way for a real one soon after. My brother asked me to test my teeth, literally. While I thought it was a green to finally chew his neck down, he had this in store for me.

Go ahead! Click, confess your toothy troubles and simply check the result. Diagnosis made easy.


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