About the blog

Between the two poles of Right and Wrong exists a vast land - teeming with new ideas and fertile for growth.

'Between Write and Wrong' is this land - where humour and opinion, commentary and memory, fiction and facts, views and reviews converge as I learn and unlearn, think and re-think perspectives which range from fresh to funny to futuristic to fully faltu. Then, good things become better just as dreadful things less dreary when shared. Thus, this personal space. 

And 'Write' because it is my new 'Right', and I shall have it!

(Copyright: All content on this blog is my own. Unauthorised use/duplication of any material contained herein without prior approval of this blog's author is strictly prohibited. If you want to use an excerpt/link/photograph, please give full credit to sakshinanda.com, with clear direction to the original content. Being original is the key to longevity! Thank you!)


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