Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Food Online

I’m not a woman who was made for the kitchen. And no kitchen which can keep me inside, cooking happily daily, has been made yet. So, while appliances like a dough-kneader and roti maker are nothing short of Godsends, a site like foodpanda.in is the Culinary God Himself descended from the heaven above!

Foodpanda helps you order food online for free home delivery service in 100+ cities. The site provides you an overview of all the best restaurants and delivery services your city has to offer, with over 4000 restaurants featured. You can order sitting in office, at home, or from the neighbour’s garage where you are escaping a wife who threw the rolling pin at you because you demanded round chapattis. After all, hunger knows no “good time” and strikes just about anywhere. 

To make eating quality time spent, wherever you may be, there’s foodpanda. Let me tell you why it appealed to me: 

1. It’s very easy to order food on foodpanda. Just 4 simple steps – (i) Search, for restaurants that deliver you food. (ii) Choose, your food by browsing hundreds of menus to find the food you fancy. (iii) Pay, either by cash on delivery or use the fast and secure online process. (iv) Enjoy, freshly prepared food delivered at your doorstep. 

2. Cuisine no bar! Whether I crave Fast Food, Punjabi, Japanese, Biryani, or even Bengali, Pasta, Chinese, French, I order what I will because there is a wide range of cuisines to pick from.

3. The best restaurants are listed on Foodpanda. My favourite ones too. So, on days when I don’t feel like driving 15 kilometres to reach them, they reach me by the click of a button – on the computer or through the Foodpanda app. 

4. There’s even a convenient late night delivery service, for times when you ate a late lunch, skipped dinner, and then couldn’t sleep over a rumbling-grumbling tummy. 

5. Discount deals and offers. Who doesn’t love those?

Finally I can do away with the library of take-away menus occupying prime real estate in my kitchen. Do I even need a kitchen? Now that’s a thought! 

[This is a sponsored site review]


  1. Foodpanda is life saviour for people like us. I cook only because there is no one else to cook. But Foodpanda it is for me on days I don't feel like cooking. Indeed an honest review, Sakshi!

  2. yessssssssssss MAM actually I jsut found a good place here that do just that .. They make lovely food you order online and they deliver..

    I have tried it a few times now .. although I love cooked food.. I dont get to eat that much at home shifts and all its usually just Dinner which is not much just Two roti's SO I dont like ordering .. :)

    I know I am weird


    1. You know you are weird? Hm.
      When will I know I am?

      Just two rotis? :O

    2. yeah i am Weird and FATTTTTTTTTT :)

      hence just two roti's with some sabzi dal.. oh you thought I have just the two roti.. NOW come on that cant be .. how did i put all that weight :) he he he he


  3. Discount is what appeals to me the most! :D

    1. 'Free!' appeals to me the most. Discount comes in a close second!

  4. Panda has made eating homely easy. We live in exciting times. Well said, Sakshi:)

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