Monday 31 December 2012

Lesson in Time

There is something that Time wants us to consider,
Not tomorrow, not later and not one-fine-day either.
To teach our children well but to consider the elders too,
For a short little lesson probably heeded by few.

A lesson that talks about Time, and all things that it makes,
Traditions and value systems, glorified myths and mistakes.
A lesson that reveals how fleeting our own Context is,
How today's 'Right' tomorrow no longer exists.

A lesson that explains that as Time goes ahead,
We need to shed systems that we needn't bear on our heads.
We need to reject ideas based on divisions,
Oppression and repression and a certain sex's submission.

We need to re-think codes - physical, moral and ethical,
Re-define black and white, and all grey in the middle. 
We need to embrace newness, the gift that Present brings,
We need to see with new eyes, the new minds and what they sing.

Then and only then, as Time moves towards its Change,
When we grow old, will we Evolve again.
We will understand the old but learn appreciation for the new,
When we educate not just tomorrow, but our yesterday too.



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