Wednesday 2 January 2013

The Art and the Craft of Gifting

Rumour mill has it that China is printing a novel symbol behind/under/over/inside everything that it is producing. It looks quite similar to the recycle-reuse one, but it has a tiny present made in the middle of all the dancing arrows. This is in response to a research by a Nobel winner which shows that we, apart from revelling and rejoicing on happy occasions are also busy recycling gifts - gifts we have already used, gifts we would never use, gifts we shudder to put in our show-cases, gifts we wouldn't wear even in our nightmares and gifts which are not good for our health, festival or no festival.
In no way is the activity strange, silly, stingy or stupid. It is a fine art combined with a subtle craft of thought, and a combination of both in wrapping the present and making it viewer-friendly - the horrific inside of the ribboned box notwithstanding. The art and the craftiness is in its finest form when balls of coloured paper  make the lanky gifts look like every actress's dream, glittery flowers placed just right save a penny's worth of  fruits from fitting into the fruit-basket and a shoe-box wrapped in expensive hand-made paper comfortably carries a key ring inside. Not to forget complimentary gifts from mister's office with company logos duly (and hopefully!) removed with madam's nail polish remover before being dressed in the finest of silken paper. Extra toppings almost always include gift-tags gushing with the best love, best wishes and best of everything from the best of kith and kin, and given with a bear hug tighter than the sparkly cello-tape used to strap the nightmares in place. 
And thus China thought, let's have a new USP, why not! 
Let the eco-friendly symbol also mean economy-friendly.
Let bed-boxes get some air to breathe,
These are expensive times we know we see,
And learning the art of gifting is just what we need.     


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