Wednesday 13 May 2015

Furniture is Personal

When we moved into our first flat together on the eve of our first anniversary, it was bare. There was not a single piece of furniture we could use to offload our bags or rest our backs on. Thankfully, the furniture-shop uncle kept his promise after three insistent phone calls and sent a bed our way at around 9 pm. We slept like logs, knowing there were miles to run before we could sleep peacefully in a furnished home, and not among mere 2BHK walls. It was only after many weekends many months later that we reached a point of satisfaction; of feeling that our shared space was acquiring the character we wanted it to. 

We had physically mapped furniture markets in a big city like Delhi, bargained right down to the cartage and heaved and hauled the furniture, arranging it according to our needs and taste. The process was long drawn, and though it was fun and romantic to make our minds meet in everything from upholstery to linen, tapestry to designs, we heaved a sigh of relief when our home was finally “complete”. 

It feels good to enjoy, to this day, our space elegantly and tastefully done, in earthy hues of browns, beige, rust and pastel green with classic ivory walls. You can’t keep old-school out when two Capricorns get married!  

Now, every house asks for the right furniture. ‘Right’ to us meant– 
1. Right size according to floor-area available.
2. Specifically selected wood and its colour.
3. Functionality according to context. 
4. Aesthetics and design which please the owners, at least. 
5. Prices tailor-made for our pockets, of course.

We wanted to preserve open-space, use vintage designed furniture, invest the most in essentials like beds and dining table and overall, choose usability over mere ornamentation. 

This was nearly seven years back, when buying furniture involved time, travel and cherry-picking from far-off stores. Now, the rigmarole of furniture shopping has been done away with. 

The advent of online markets like Durian have taken the sweat and toil away from doing up spaces, and brought a variety of exclusive and good quality furniture right to our doorsteps to help create a better lifestyle in the interior space.

Furniture #JustAClickAway, on Durian 

Durian is an International furniture brand, since 1981. They are pioneers in veneer business and a leading infrastructure company and a lifestyle brand. In keeping with the popular mantra, over 90 percent of Durian products are ‘Made in India’. They offer: 

- Furnishing queries helplines to guide or assist you.
- Multiple payment options like Cash on Delivery, Card on Delivery, easy finance and EMI.
- You can visit their outlets across 29 cities to experience furniture physically before ordering.  
- Free delivery right to your door step.
- 5 year warranty.
- Free assembly right in front of you.
- A Durian Lab – they prototype, innovate and test every product before it is ready for delivery.

We know now how much easier our experience will be when we do some furniture shopping for our next house. No waiting for weekends, no driving 25 kilometers, no wasting breath on bargaining and no sweat. What will remain though? The romance of making our minds meet, yet again!

[This is a sponsored website review.]


  1. Online stores are a great comforts but the excitement of going to a store, thrill of haggling and bringing inflated price to actual level and claiming victory on your well earned sofa is not there.

    1. Oh, I hear you! After all these years in Delhi, I have become kind of an expert at that haggling. However, you have to admit, that with the weather swinging between two extremes and how, cherry-picking furniture doesn't get easy. It's so much more convenient to click and order.
      Thanks for being here, Abhijit. :)

  2. I am not very impressed with the online shopping for such things .. yeah i can order a Tele or a fridge but furniture as you said is personal , I prefer to see it on display before making up my mind and usually on online stores they have hired professional photographers who take lovely pictures and make things look more lovelier that they actually are :) if you know what i mean

    so when i have to buy something i spend some time going to homebase or ikea or other places here :)

    and offcourse the DFS bargains and offers by now nad pay in three years time :) or 0% offers he he he


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