Wednesday 14 January 2015

The Strength of Preparedness

If you were to look inside my handbag readied for a simple trip to the nearby market, you would think I was preparing for the sky to fall down. From band-aids to energy bars, umbrellas to phone chargers, I carry what I can out of the Very Important Things list that permanently hangs on my fridge. Ask me why and I will probably just leave it at a ‘just in case’ scenario. But scratch the surface a tiny bit and you will realize how my handbag is symbolic of my mind; a mind that is always preparing for the sudden and unexpected, good or bad. 

But not everything that destiny has in store for us can be taken care of by objects in a bag. The worst cards dealt ask much more of us, as persons. We need fortitude and resilience to walk beyond the speed breaker. We need the strength, the courage that comes from support, like a 24 by 7 power back-up that never lets the lights go off. Which is why, we need foresight which helps us look ahead and plan, in time and no matter how uncertain life remains.

It is at all these levels that Birla Sun Life Insurance's campaign “Khud Ko Kar Buland” and its touching video spoke to me. While there are enough surprises in life that we cannot control, it is the strength of preparedness that helps us control the Jack-in-the-box.

Birla Sun Life Insurance believes that security and planning can help protect your dreams and those of your loved ones, too. Not just that! Security also means an opportunity to follow your dreams and do great things in life. In keeping with this essential mantra, Birla’s new campaign is a call for strength - “Khud Ko Kar Buland”.

And the video brings this out very well, in a context that is conspicuous by its absence in popular media. The father in the video is a single parent who receives an unexpected piece of news regarding his child’s health. But, instead of getting discouraged and giving up he immediately starts planning ahead, preparing to give his child that security he needs to live his life happily. The short video covers many years of their lives together, highlighting the troubles yet keeping the spotlight on what helps alleviate them.

Do watch this video of a very meaningful campaign.

[This is a sponsored campaign review. Thoughts are my own.]


  1. Brilliant Post, it is so true that we might not be able to see future but planning for it always helps. Right planning can help us to fight the situation better. The video touches our lives and actually teaches us we can fight situations better. Keep writing keep sharing


    1. I loved the video too!
      Thank you so much for stopping by, Amit!

  2. It's such a touching video, Sakshi, Simple in concept but touched hearts. It's a matter of belief to triumph in the face of adversity and defeat the monster in life. You added you personal touch to it in a brilliant way:)


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