Friday 28 November 2014

IndiaMART, Irrfan Khan and 'Kaam Yahin Banta hai'

I saw this video featuring Irrfan Khan today, because everything featuring Irrfan Khan becomes a must-watch!  

There is a story behind this video. With the core message of ‘Kaam Yahin Banta Hai’, Irrfan is a part of a new brand campaign by India’s largest online marketplace, IndiaMART. 

IndiaMART offers extensive opportunities to buyers across the globe by giving them easy access to sellers from an array of product categories. A simple login and buyers can ‘meet’ niche sellers that they are looking for. 

As a well-informed new-age employee of a manufacturing house, Irrfan is confident that all his key requirements can be fulfilled through IndiaMART effortlessly - whether it involves ordering of fabric, office furniture, buttons used in manufacturing of shirts, or even air conditioners! And the ease with which this is possible is amply clear in the video. Finding who you are looking for is like casually playing your favourite tune on the keyboard. That’s how Irrfan does it, and who better than him to lend his realism to the brand, with an extremely effective style of communicating messages and making a connect with the common man to convince him that ‘Kaam yahin banta hai’.    

The focus of the campaign is the new age buyer, who likes hassle-free buying – both to fulfil his business requirements and personal ones too. The campaign has been conceptualized by McCann, and the 360 degree initiative is set to integrate Print, TV, Radio, Outdoor and a digital mix of social media – Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. 

In keeping with the hashtag trend, a massive digital campaign was held around Twitter and Facebook page of IndiaMART, asking people to share their favourite #aaramkitune (tune that relaxes them the most). Thus, IndiaMART created the longest playlist of Aaram ki tunes. The contest was a precursor to the main TVC, where Irrfan Khan plays his aaram ki tune while buying through

Sumit Bedi, Vice President – Marketing, IndiaMART, is thrilled to roll out their first multi-media campaign, “which focuses on increasing the brand awareness for IndiaMART, and also aims at establishing a stronger connect with the buyers. According to a recent global research, businesses spend 52% of their time in identifying the right business partners. This is where IndiaMART comes into the picture. A move in this direction, the TVC seeks to highlight the fact that IndiaMART allows buyers to shorten the time they spend in doing the same and find genuine sellers with help of just a click.”

Kaam yahin banta hai’, portraying ease of buying and convenience, perfectly captures this essence of IndiaMART. IndiaMART hosts more than 15 lac sellers and over 3.5 crore products. It has been successfully helping millions of buyers fulfil their needs, with over 2600 employees located across 40+ offices in the country. Its existing investors include Intel Capital and Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd.

Says Aneesh Jaisinghani – ECD, McCann Group, “The TVC is targeted at the smart buyers who are looking for a much reliable, quick and effective solution for all their key buying requirements. It establishes the fact that IndiaMART is their first choice”.


  1. Smart ad for smart buyers. It sounds interesting where the world is at our finger print. You lends credence like Irrfan to the campaign through your writing:)


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