Saturday 27 July 2013

Royalty Per-SON-ified

Gentle Kate in pretty dresses royally was capering about,
When suddenly the little bump said ‘Knock knock, get me out!’
And out he came with such fanfare it made the world go round,
Prince Charles thanked the Almighty – ‘He’s a big one, and on his mom’.

I too was carrying royalty, some 2.5 years back,
Such royalty that in my 7th month I packed a little back pack.
Off I flew him to Helsinki and then hopped on to a cruise,
Stockholm too I must show him, throw minus 20 degrees to the moon.

So here I am, no pretty dress, but jeans and coats and caps,
The royal baby in my tummy, can you hear the loud ‘clap clap’?
Was it safe (I see you frown) with such a big belly?
Oh! Such good looking Nords around, it was safe as safe can be!

‘Oo aah ouch’ and out he came just a few weeks later,
Another few months and that’s how he sleeps - What royal dreams are made of.

His Majesty’s foot-in-mouth, who cares who cares I ask,
Those in palaces can get away with the stupidest things and tasks.

The regal not just rule the world they travel around too,
His Majesty comes calling in Bangkok, on his own personal tuk-tuk.

The Prince Charming is now 1, how happy we three seem,
Jewels on dresses, floodlight on the face, is not this true royalty?

Fast forward now since a baby he cannot be for long,
Xmas time and time for something royally funny, and how!

On top of the world, and in our arms, remains our imperial boy,
With a loving camera catching all his moves, what more does one enjoy?

I end this trip down royalty lane with just a little prayer,
He better be grateful for the 'silver spoon', and all the TL Care.
So what if a town crier cried out loud, made way for Kate’s baby,
We live a really royal life too – my hubby, me and Our Majesty!  

[This post is a part of #ThatTuesdayThingy on Indiblogeshwaris]


  1. That second picture is the best. So candid and yet there is the doubt, is he peeping?
    Nice pictures of the progress that he has made (like that "still curious about the Christmas Father" look)

  2. It is a beautiful poem and love the cute pictures. Every mom finds her kid to be the cutest but here your baby is the winner. Kaala Tika laga dena. He must be a naughty handful now!
    My son is 5 now and I could totally relate to the poem, it is really a very emotional one.

  3. Thanks, Inderpreet. I had totally forgotten about this post till you revived it for me with your comment. I read it again and felt nostalgic. Yes, he's 3 now and a naughty handful.
    Thank you for reading me. :)


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