Tuesday 12 February 2013

L.L.T.T.: A Malady

Malady Name - L.L.T.T. - Looking London Talking Tokyo (when actually from Planet of Apes)
Patients - Copycats.   
Best Spotted In - Your foe's drawing room, your ex- kitty party, international arrival lounges, I-un-friended-you-from-FB-so-you-can't-see-me-copy club. 
Appearance - Look almost human. 
Features -  Cat in Copycat leads to - 1. Eyes that hide and can scan you even in the dark, in full detail. 2. Long tongues gossiping about you but slyly busy being you. 3. Sharp claws which strip search every layer of clothes on you, to imitate on self, S M L or XL. 4. Smart ears catching every word of yours, to be reproduced later. 5. Tails that hide between legs in case found out by the one who was copied. (no such case known though).
Early Symptoms - Myopia and hearing impairment. They fail to see the figure in the mirror, or hear the words/accents they speak. Both don't suit them, but they have to copy someone to be able to breathe. (That's why L.L.T.T.) Need originality in the grey matter, more than glasses or hearing aids.  
Causes - You. As well as the rest of the 7 billion. (External appearances mostly)  
Lifespan - 9 lives, made 900. (after multiplying all the ones they successfully copy with the one they have already).
Effects on Others - L.L.T.T. is not known to be contagious. However, patients of the said malady make the person being copied feel very flattered, and worthy of imitation - however bad the fake copy may be. Inspire confidence, and uplift mood of original in most cases. No greater ego-boost has been discovered in the field of medicine as yet.
Cure - None.
Prevention - Keep dogs. Dog is man's best friend. Copycats only change houses, lick their own behinds, ape you to look like tigers to only end up looking like apes.         

(No animal was harmed or offended in the production of this report)   

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  1. ha ha.. :) Loved this post..!!!

    Came across your blog just two days back. Been reading all your posts from the first one..!! Loving it. :)


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