Sunday, 23 December 2012

Stricter Laws?

You "Want Stricter Laws", Mr. and Mrs. Educated?
1. You show your kids how to drive rashly, jump red-lights, park badly and defend it all rudely.
2. You show your kids how to break queues in supermarkets, push women in temples, ignore the elderly and look away unconcerned.
3. You show your kids how to litter, piss and spit in public places - not just empty kebab paper-plates but abuses too.
4. You show your kids how to evade tax, save time by paying bribes, get away by calling up Mr. VIP, get big by befriending Mr. VIP.
You show your kids your lawless minds, lawless tongues, lawless manners - each passing day of your lawless lives! You demonstrate how to be your own law, and beat the law, at the same time! You want stricter laws, Mr. and Mrs. Educated? Sure! You deserve them and you need them. But your children don't deserve You!


  1. We need a special school for your Mr and Mrs. Educated where all types of punishments are allowed to groom them enough, to groom their brats.

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