Friday 29 January 2016

Have you done your homework?

Have you done your homework?’ I asked my son, who was busy tucking a paper boat into his bag, for show-and-tell in school the next day. He nodded and pat came the question back from my kindergartner, ‘Have you done yours, mumma?

Homework? Me? I was a student many years ago, my dear. The only homework I do now is when I help you with your worksheets!’ 

But with his innocent question he had left me thinking. What would I, as a parent, consider my homework? Something as basic as planning the next day’s tiffin or the impending theme party? No. Something much more essential, to be prepared in time and with the child’s future in mind. And it took me no time to arrive at the answer - financial planning to help my son realize his dreams.

All parents plan for their children’s futures and careers form an integral part of those tomorrows. I may wish to see my son as a pilot, his father a doctor and he, in turn, might harbour his own unique aspirations. As parents all we can do is be ready – not just emotionally but financially too – for their various life goals.

While I Google searched to learn more, I chanced upon this video, a part of Axis Mutual Fund #DoYourHomework. 

Children were asked to draw a picture of what they would like to become while parents were asked to paint what they would like their children to become in the future. And, they couldn’t cross notes with each other! Surprisingly, great minds did not think alike in this case, and children expressed their aspirations to pursue careers contrasting to what their parents wished for or from them. 

It made me see how my child is perhaps much more aware than I was at his age, and with a mind of his own dreaming his own dreams. I came back to the question then – what were we doing today to assist him in his career choices tomorrow?

The same evening my husband and I got talking about it (because it is never too early, you know!) and discussed how investment in mutual funds made sense, and something which campaigns like Axis Mutual Fund #DoYourHomework, were trying to highlight. Rather creatively, actually! How?  

Firstly, by understanding parents’ perspectives about their children’s future and how they plan to fulfill their children’s aspirations. Then, children were interviewed to understand their views too. The comprehensive research covering various cities and children between the age group of 4 and 12 years was revelatory. For instance, it was found that children are getting much more independent in their career choices, and simultaneously increasing education-related expenses are the biggest parental worry. Questions beset our minds! Questions which rear their heads time and again, and this day thanks to Axis MF provoking us, asking us if we’re on the same page as our children, when it comes to their future. Who knows what heights tuition fee will reach by the time my son is ready? Am I prepared? What about foreign education? The list is endless… 

But now we know there is help at hand! 

Platforms like enlist the Why, the How and the What for parents’ reference. Parents can find out education costs for various careers across various countries, even in the future, and arrive at the ideal amount one should invest in order to meet the future requirements. The group has also curated books to inspire the children to explore career options by reading short stories on professions, colouring activities and even puzzles. At Crossword Bookstores and Kidzania, Mumbai, painting experiments as seen in the Axis MF video above were organized, with introduction to the education calculator.   

Oh, and in the age of Apps can homework be far behind? Through the Homework app, parents find out the costs of education across a multitude of courses in various countries at their finger-tips. The app not only gives info on the future value of the course which their children want to pursue, but also the estimated amount to invest to reach that goal.

Just like each child is unique in his aspirations, so are the planning paths for their parents. I guess the only important thing is being aware about their dreams as well as about those, like the #DoYourHomework campaign, who are working to make us aware and assist us in one of the most important decisions of our parenting lives. 


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