Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Ballantine’s got Gabriel Macht!

Watch the video film first.

Unflinchingly, unapologetically you. Doesn’t that have such a cool ring to it?

Ballantine’s has been celebrating individuality and originality since 1827. Through this video this brand raises a toast to the ‘real ones’ in a world full of fakes. 

This video is one day in the life of the corporate world, wrought with robotic charades, insincere smiles, mechanical applause and a ‘yes man-ship’ playing out like a norm. The protagonist walks past confidently, as if freezing frames to make us take in the extent of the superficiality our working lives come filled with. In 30 effective seconds it highlights the parody of power-play, something that Ballantine’s as a brand disapproves of.

Look at how this well-made video juxtaposes two worlds: One, which stands on the foundation of self-belief, of staying true to your essence. And two, a world which nods and claps with sycophancy but ever-changing loyalties. In such a world then, how does one leave a mark? What does it take, really? 

Being yourself! And making it to the top on your own terms. It is for those who hold true that success lasts. This idea becomes the crux of ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’ campaign.

What is ‘Stay True’ campaign?

Ballantine's, world’s No 2 Scotch whisky in the world, has associated with Gabriel Macht, our favourite from the TV series ‘Suits’, for its new advertising campaign - ‘Stay True, Leave an Impression’. Conceptualised by Ballantine’s, this campaign serves as an invitation to the Indian consumers to be themselves; to express authentically and be genuine. Conviction and trust-in-self are at the heart of this new campaign. The campaign is targeted exclusively at the Indian market. 

‘Stay True’ is rooted in the DNA of Ballantine’s, thanks to its founder George Ballantine. A true innovator and entrepreneur, he was always original and acted with genuine conviction and flair. That’s what gives Ballantine’s the unique taste profile and its iconic look!

Say the biggies …

Gabriel Macht is happy, 'It is an honour for me to shoot for Ballantine’s well-crafted campaign in line with its philosophy of ‘Stay True’. This association is a perfect match as I truly relate to the brand’s attribute of staying true to one’s character and maintaining one’s integrity.'

Kartik Mohindra, Head - International Brands at Pernod Ricard India hopes to inspire people to have conviction by 'creating a platform that celebrates Ballantine’s and its founder’s intrinsic values.

Ajay Gahlaut, Executive Creative Director, Ogilvy & Mather, New Delhi puts it succinctly when he says, 'There are the movers and the shakers who are here today and gone tomorrow. Their allegiances are based on self-gain and change with changing winds. And then there are those few who quietly go about doing what they believe in, undeflected in purpose and unswayed by criticism. These are the ones who are remembered. They are the ones who leave an indelible mark on time. They are the ones who lead by example. This film is about them.'

I agree. Who doesn’t find individuals who live by their beliefs inspiring? They may be a rarity, but they are there. Aren’t they?

[This is a sponsored campaign review.]


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