Wednesday 3 December 2014

Ab Montu Bolega; Swachh Bharat

I introduced you to Montu, with the very handsome face of Saqib Salim, some days back. Remember him? Montu stands for someone who speaks his heart out; you know as they say ‘Khol Ke Bolo!’ As someone who cares not only for himself but also for those around him, he speaks up for what is right, sans hiccups!

Montu was born as the representative of a new initiative on Strepsils “Ab Montu Bolega” – a digital campaign encouraging people to speak their mind with a ‘healthy voice’. The campaign resides on an exclusive online platform The entire campaign is designed keeping in mind the few most important pillars of our society like Education, Women Safety/Empowerment, Environment, Infrastructure, Cricket and many more.

In keeping with the ‘Clean India’ wave that has overtaken social sensibilities, Montu will be seen promoting the idea of ‘Swachh Bharat’ – a drive to make our country cleaner. How will he do that? You will find him talking to the citizens of India, about their role in cleaning India up. Through banners and posters, blogs and videos, Montu will raise his voice against all those who litter publicly, disregard civic sense and don’t spare a thought for fellow-citizens living in a shared geography.

You know exactly who I mean. A neighbor who tosses his kitchen waste packets right over his boundary wall and onto the main road, without a care in the world for the world. Picnickers in public parks who come, play, eat and leave, and leave behind piles of Styrofoam glasses and plates marring the park’s beauty and ecology. Why, even that morning dog-walker who takes his pooch far, far away from his own driveway but spares not a penny or a thought to buy a poop-scooper. Because after all, it’s public property. His home is spic-and-span, so what goes! And to all such fellow-beings and their ‘bad habits’ we often stand as mute observers, even sufferers, as if there is nothing we can do about them.

But we can!

That’s where Montu comes in. He aims to nudge you into action, especially those Indians who see others littering in public but choose to remain silent spectators to this menace. One fine day, we’ll not just have a swachh bharat at the end of the day, but a healthy idea of co-existence too.

Do you have a Montu in you – a fearless and honest being with the will power to keep India clean?

Watch this Video to join Montu.
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  1. Loove ur Montu, Sakshi. On neighbors chucking their stuffs from the window us such an eyesore. Time to knock sense in them, the horrible pan-lovers..need this character from Lage Raho Munna Bhai, may be, to knock some sense in people. How about Montu gifting a broom to all defaulters!!

    1. I like your idea of the broom gift. But question is - who will pick them up and do the needful? :D
      Thanks, Vishal.


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