Monday, 5 August 2013

Breast Feeding

More than 120 countries are celebrating World Breastfeeding Week, which started on the 1st and will end on the 7th of August. An annual event, the week sees different kinds of events, get-togethers and fun activities planned for nursing mothers across the globe. Talks are held to emphasize the importance of breast-feeding your babies, and the innumerable benefits that breast milk is known to carry our way from nature’s own kitty. As festively liberating as the week may be, there is need to examine how breast feeding is perceived and received in different spaces – both public as well as private. 

All that breast-feeding meant to my yet-to-be-mommy state was hunting for comfortable feeding bras and pads, and thinking that going out would be no problem. It would mean keeping a stole handy and finding a comfortable chair to sit on once he began his hungry howls. If only it was that uncomplicated. After I actually became a nursing mother, I realized the complexity residing in the act of putting your baby to your breast, not just in public places but at home too. And how my resolve ‘I will feed my son whenever he wants to be fed, simple!’ was not simple, and rang hollow so many times.

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