Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Family Values - An umbrella without a handle?

Have you closely observed those touching your feet bending to be blessed? I have seen many trying to dangle their hands somewhere around my femur, leaning 20 degrees at the waist with minds and free hands fixed on keeping the falling pants or pallus in place. Not my idea of showering blessings – on those younger with visibly younger underwear, often. A warm ‘hi’ makes me feel respected, or even just a genuine smile! Which is not to say that I am stowing feet-touching away into the box of memorabilia in the attic, as yet. God knows, as do all the elders, that it was one of the most beautiful gestures to bless and be blessed by. This here is just my attempt to examine how everything has a lifeline and a deadline - even ideas of family values and their associated gestures. And how we need to evolve our thinking even as Darwin’s theory and some such evolve the other bits!

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