Friday 12 July 2013

Crazy FreshNHappy; Adjectives in the Air

Crazy was the feeling from the word go. 

It was the second time in 2.4 years that I was going to leave my toddler and my husband at home and go for a mamma's day out. And although it was the second time, it felt as bad as the first (which was so long back that I do not even remember it). 

Guilt abounds - It’s a Saturday and I am leaving these 2 homed in with nowhere to go. Doubts galore – Will he manage all by himself, to keep him happy and fed? And mostly, till the clock struck 1 pm – Is it worth it? I am a 30-year-old newbie blogger with 3 very prominent strands of grey, an equal number of root canals and 300 reasons to not be a stranger among the young and getting younger bloggers, invited to a starred hotel. I am too old to walk up to someone and say ’hello’ and too young in blogosphere to even dream of doing that! 

But I went. And as my 2 men dropped me in the hotel portico, I thought I saw them exchange knowing smiles as I closed the car door behind me. They have plans. Oh well, I have plans too, mused I! 

Did I just say I had plans? 

Plans there surely were, but not the ones I was trying to make. IndiBlogger and Ambi Pur had it all planned to the (white) t. On offer were not just any run-of-the-mill plans, but plans that make you feel 16 and make you act 6. Plans which make you re-examine all your versions of ‘fun’ and leave you hungry for more. Plans which make you drop your writing pens and your hair, both. Plans which spell C.R.A.Z.Y. – no less and only more! 

Oh! But I am not going to tell you all about it. No need no intention of going from A to B until Z of this Ambi Pur IndiBlogger Meet. Five pictures from my experience is all you need to see to really know what I mean, and just 4 verses to prove to you why my second just-me outing in over 850 days was well worth it. And for that ladies and gentlemen, let us wax lyrical. Not poetry really, but just a sing along, to mark a Meet which believes in making us do exactly that – sing along. 


As I took a corner table, waiting with bated breath,
2 men slunk up to ask: ‘Lost soul, do you have a minute?’
I was blindfolded and led into a room that smelled so good,
I thought I was in Kerala enjoying my honeymoon.
Though the lady in the picture is someone else not me,
When I opened my eyes I too saw rotting fish, and this man in chaddi.
While the camera taped me talking, dreaming, laughing and turning peach,
Ambi Pur took me 6 years back, with such magic and mystery.


With nostrils full of flowery scents I got back to the Meet,
Grabbed the last but one chair in the back, as if waiting for me.
What you see in the picture above is not just good hair-hot curls,
What you see here is masala for yet another time travel.
I went further back in life, as I head banged on and on,
Forget honeymoon, here’s stuff that crazy college days are made of.
No goodies came my way, Alas, my mane too short it seems,
Oh well, what goes what goes, at least I felt I was 16. 


Oh no! It’s not a deodorant and that’s not why my arms are raised,
Can’t you figure I’m Dharmendra paaji from our favourite ‘Sholay’?
Basanti lost her left chappal, and I announced in my deep guttural,
“You cannot dance for smelly bloggers till you have your left chappal.”
So scented Left Chappal nosed up to the scent-y Right, 
Ambi Pur helped the chappals meet, it was no more a fight.
Dharam paaji in his skirt ball-danced with dear Gabbri,
If this is not smelly to smiley, then tell me what is, please?


From the crazy spread of food to the crazy frenzy here,
Not a moment to think of baby, not a thought for the husband spared.
I went there feeling stressed, uncertain, old and a little guilty,
I went home feeling young, fresh, happy and very crazy.
Was it Ambi Pur’s effect or was it the Indi team’s?
I think it was a mixture of both, in exactly the right degree.
Let Ambi Pur launch a new scent, call it Indi Pur, if you please,
Let the whole world get a whiff like me, of how to spell ‘crazy’!

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