Tuesday 18 June 2013

th-Inking about HPInk at IndiBlogger Meet

When I saw it for the first time, I thought it said ‘H PInk’,
Ideas of woman power and its cousins rushed in with just a blink.
And soon as I saw what it really was, my heart just skipped a beat,
Did it have to be technology for my 1st IndiBlogger Meet?
But another second went by, and there came a sigh of relief,
For the invitation card lovingly said ‘Welcome, with family!’

So with my two men in tow – one 2 one 32,
I entered the starry hotel, with curiosity and baby food.
I knew not names of bloggers, though some familiar seemed,
But every face only read – ‘Guess who, my dear newbie?’
Oh! Black shirts with the microphones must be the ‘Founding Fathers’,
And owners of the capital that got us all together!

And then began an afternoon as fun as fun can be,
There were jokes and surprise gifts, and 500 bucks for me.
My son just stood on the chair, when Old McDonald was sung,
Are those really the words, the tune, the animals, the sounds he had learnt?
I sat on the edge of my seat, as blogger introductions ensued,
Little did I know then they were meant for a 'chosen few’.

In came HPInkAdvantage, disappointment out it flew,
'What matters to you matters to us too’ - their motto rang true.
So we can print like never before, now and for the future too,
Print stickers, pictures, tags and letters, perhaps a book or two?
Close tight the ink bottle, dear writer, here's HPInk now,
Advantage is in its name itself, and Experience will tell you how!

  No words can say what joy I felt, when the Birthday Party began,
Blessed coincidence! What have we here, a theme that says ‘Little Man’.
Pretty prints from HPInk were to be used galore, 
To plan a party for a little boy, with muffins and balloons and more.
My little boy was our little man, with a wiser one behind,
Was really the only time a big black moustache I didn’t mind!

Some live to eat some eat to live, but food there has to be,
Plates to pick and things to eat, and a mob in gastric hurry.
As I downed the last morsel, I noticed my men all smiles,
I realised it was well worth it to have come so many miles.
I thanked dear Lord for IndiBlogger, but one thing I hoped to tell,
The ‘S’ on the black t-shirt should actually have been ‘M’!

It was a Saturday Experience-d, the warm and loving kind,
New friends, their blogs and technology, for me as well as mine.
We who wield the pen should know what elixir ink can be,
But the ‘tomorrow’ sitting in my lap sure knows HPInk it will be.
Thank you my friend for reading, with patience my silly rhyme,
And now I too sit dreaming, that the Printer would be mine! 

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  1. Best to think things through before diving into this. And knowing how the FCPS system operates, you can kiss your sub work goodbye.
    Source - grade my paper


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